Dawn to Dusk

My story: I love what I do. I’m the associate editor for one of the world’s leading woman’s fashion magazines and work out of Boulder Colorado. Why? Because I love to write and I love fashion, except on Sundays when I give myself permission to wear sweatpants all day.

“I report to a very demanding and successful woman who essentially is the brand. Blackstar’s Buzz blend is total kick ass that keeps me going for hours on end – like my take no prisoners boss!”

Favorite quote: “You are what you know” – Trina McQueen
Favorite song: : “Fashion” – David Bowie
Favorite books: Lean In by Cheryl Sandberg and Girl Boss by Sophia Armorio

Blackstar blend of choice:  Thunderbolt. How else am I going to put in a 12-hour day?


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