Did you know that in the mid 1800’s, Cowboys and Cowgirls both in Canada and the United States threw eggshell into their bitter coffee grounds to smooth it out?

Somehow, those wise old souls figured out that the eggshell reduced the acid in their coffee. Or put yet another way, who the hell needs a belly-ache after drinking a cup of coffee?

The idea of infusing coffee with finely ground eggshell intrigued us at Blackstar. If we could find a way to do that, we could replicate a true vintage, low-acid coffee and bring it back to life – sort of like the dream of resurrecting the Wooly Mammoth!

“‘Let’s face it, not everyone gets to live on a ranch,
rides horses or sleep under the stars.
But at the end of the day, even if you define yourself as city,
born and bred, all of us possess the very qualities
that define the wild, untamed nature and freedom-seeking
spirit of a cowboy or cowgirl’s heart.

“Make a life-long commitment to Unleash your Inner Cowboy
or Cowgirl and experience the life of passion you’re meant to live.
The first day of the rest of your life can start with a cup of coffee.”

Thanks to Burnbrae Farms, Canada’s largest egg producer and supplier of our high-grade, super-fine ground eggshell, our coffee vision came true. The Wooly Mammoth has yet to be born but Blackstar (Authentic) Cowboy Coffee has arrived.

Blackstar is proud to introduce you to, a collection so unique, we are literally the only coffee company in the world that makes it, and includes the world’s only super-delicious, uber-sensuous Honey Mesquite Fire Roasted Coffee.

Whether at your kitchen table, or hiking through Canada’s Rocky Mountains, trekking through the red dirt of Wyoming under the big blue sky, hiking through Algonquin or Joshua National Park – do it all while sipping on a cup of steaming hot or iced Blackstar Cowboy Coffee. Unleash your inner Cowboy or Cowgirl today with one sip!

The Blackstar Coffee Company Team


“I love Blackstar’s Cowboy Coffee. It’s my go-to coffee before gym in the morning. Love Mud Dark’s rich flavor, and what with it being a super-low acid coffee, I always feel great after drinking it. I’m also addicted to the Honey Mesquite blend. Nothing like it, that tinge of sensuous and sweet.”

Carmen, Toronto, Ontario

"Blackstar is the perfect coffee to wake up to at the cottage. I love the Mud Dark, so rich and flavorful. Chloe is addicted to the Honey Mesquite blend!"

Noah, Guelph, Ontario

"Blackstar is the best coffee ever! You can quote me."

Chris, Canmore, Alberta