Cubical Hostage


“I sold my home in the city, bought a less expensive but charming century-old home outside of High River, that came with a horse and 10 acres.  I now spend my mornings day-trading with the savings from selling my home and bring in the occasional Airbnb guest for some extra dollars and the company.  I love my life now.  Time stands still for no one.”

Epilogue: I sold my home in the city, bought 10 acres of land and built a nice ranch-house. I have some horses and host great folks who come to me by way of Airbnb so I’m never alone.

Favorite song: “The times they are a changing” – Bob Dylan
Favorite book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Blackstar blend of choice: ½ Mud coffee, ½ Drifter, Good wakeup call that doesn’t 

keep me awake

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