Mission Statement

To serve up authentic, super-smooth, old-world coffee!

"To serve up authentic, super-smooth, old-world coffee. Coffee to inspire us to recognize, unleash, explore and honour the adventurous, courageous and rugged ‘Inner Cowboy or Cowgirl’ who lurks in all of us. To remind us of our essential connection to our wild lands and the wildlife that inhabits them.”



DRIFTER is Blackstar’s classic fire-roasted blend and offers up a great, honest cup of coffee with a subtle, rustic bite. Drifter is so smooth, so easy on your stomach, you can sip it in the late afternoon or after dinner and still stay chill enough to enjoy the sunset.


If you prefer your coffee with a bigger bite, you’ll love Mud Dark! We’ve blended the perfect storm of dark beans to give you the richest, mud-dark taste you’ve ever sipped on. Mud Dark’s bigger bite will set you up perfectly a busy day, be it at your office, home or cottage.


Does your partner have big expectations for tonight or have to drive 1,000 miles tomorrow? It’s your turn to give a presentation to the team this morning or have a day of physical labour ahead of you? THUNDERJOLT is our super-caffeinated blend of both Arabica and Robusta beans designed to light a fire under your butt. Let’s face it, sometimes, you just need the biggest buzzes!


…from the parched desert to your coffee cup! Blackstar Coffee introduces another coffee first – introducing the only coffee in the world to be infused with Honey Mesquite, and make no mistake, we are super-proud to have invented it. If there was ever a plant that could be labeled the Official Tree of Cowboys & Cowgirls, it’s the desert-loving, sun-soaked Honey Mesquite tree. Found in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and California, from Kansas to Texas, south to Mexico and Peru, the Honey Mesquite plant adds a sensuous hint of sweet that makes this coffee incredibly delicious and healthy.