Copy of Blackstar Cowboy Coffee History


Many moons ago, I decided to take a trip to Arizona, USA.   I wanted to visit a place defined by wide open spaces, a big sky and yes, real cowboys. I wasn’t disappointed. Arizona gave me all that and more, including some magnificent pieces of petrified wood I found while climbing one of its red rock peaks.

While in a Show Low general store, I noticed a cloth sack of cowboy coffee for sale and bought it. I took it back to Toronto, Canada and told myself that one day I was going to create my own Cowboy Coffee.

A decade later, I had a bit of time on my hands and started to do some research. I stumbled upon a little-known fact: in the 1800’s, cowboys threw eggshell onto their bitter coffee because it smoothed it out. The alkaline in the eggshell absorbed the acid and made their rough-and-tumble tinpot java delicious.

However, there was no eggshell in the Show Low coffee that I had picked. They called it cowboy coffee but it was just plain old coffee.

That gave me the idea to recreate the authentic cowboy coffee recipe, infusing finely ground eggshell into ground, fire-roasted beans. The authentic cowboy coffee recipe was recreated. It would be like using old DNA to bring back the Wooly Mammoth! How cool would that be?!


In 2017, Blackstar Cowboy Coffee was created because thanks to Burnbrae Farms, our official supplier of the high-grade, finely ground eggshell, we found a way to infuse a trailblazing custom coffee blend with finely ground eggshell, resulting in the smoothest cup of coffee you’ll ever sip on.

Blackstar Cowboy Coffee is proud to introduce you to coffee resurrected from its glorious past – a collection so unique, that the only place you’ll find authentic cowboy coffee is right here, right now. Blackstar is the only coffee company that offers you the real thing! Blackstar Cowboy Coffee is the real deal.

Whether you’re hiking through Canada’s Rocky Mountains, trekking through the red dirt of Wyoming under the big blue sky, hiking through Algonquin or Joshua National Park or just sitting at your kitchen table – do it all while sipping on a cup of steaming hot Blackstar Cowboy Coffee.

Unleash your inner cowboy or cowgirl today.


Peter Ehrlich - Blackstar Cowboy Coffee

Peter Ehrlich, President & Lifelong Explorer
Blackstar Cowboy Coffee Inc.